A great time to do a Code Review is when the project is overdue, should have been delivered, there is no end in sight, and problems never seem to find a resolution.  Performing a 3rd party verification of your code and database development best practices can be a lifesaver.

Code review may seem inconvenient to regularly practice during your development process. Developers are rushing to meet deadlines and the last thing they want to do is drop everything to review someone else’s code. However, it is extremely beneficial to regularly practice during your development process, for more reason than a slightly better-coded piece of software. Let’s look at the benefits of performing a code review.

Reduced Time/Costs

Every software development company knows it’s cheaper to fix an issue in development before QA. Code review allows for the senior members of the team to review the code and find mistakes before the software is pushed into QA, helping to save your company time and money while reducing bugs.

Smartbear developed an ROI calculator specifically for code review. The application will calculate just how much you’ll potentially save from practicing a consistent code review. You can check it out here! https://smartbear.com/product/collaborator/roi-calculator/

Sharing Knowledge

Having consistent code review adds another layer of value to your software development team. Code review allows for your development team to share their personal knowledge and educate each other about specific coding practices that aren’t necessarily brought up on a regular basis. When a bug is found during a review it opens the floor for everyone to weigh in and share their personal experience and knowledge with that issue.

Peer Pressure

No one wants to have their mistakes shown in front of their peers. Code review opens the room to review and critique the code being done by your developers. Knowing that their code will be put in front of the entire company, developers will put more emphasis on following best practices and assuring there are no errors in their code.

Educating New Developers

Regular code review with your development team breaks down the wall between high and mid-level developers. Because the entire development team will be critiqued on their code, newer developers won’t feel like they’re being singled out in front of the experienced developers. Code review also allows for high-level developers to educate new developers on best practices and specific internal processes that the team has in place.


Code review might not be the most exciting thing to practice regularly with your development team. However, holding these review sessions will save your team time, money, and help educate your entire development team.