Premier managed IT
support services

Regardless of the business industry, size, or sector, Pumex provides professionally managed IT support services customized to the unique demands of your business. For businesses looking to outsource basic computer support services to the more advanced offerings like network security audits and cloud managed services,

Why choose Pumex for managed IT solutions and outsourced IT services?

Professionally managed IT support services for increased productivity

Business IT does not always run smoothly. When the in-house team is spending too much time—and money— managing IT systems and software tools, productivity and profitability are lost. At Pumex, we manage your IT needs on a day-to-day basis with a team of veteran technicians whose mission is to keep your enterprise running effortlessly and consistently.

When meetings and phone calls tend to fill your workdays, the last thing you need is to be constantly concerned about the status of your network or whether new security patches are being applied in time to prevent potential breaches.

With Pumex’s professionally managed IT solutions and support services, our expert engineers maintain every aspect of your business technology so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

But that’s not all!

Pumex helps companies by providing the following outsourced IT services:

24/7 support
Cloud solutions
Cloud migration
architecture design
VoIP and
IoT engineering
Free 30 days
IT project
IT operations
management and
Backup systems
Disaster recovery
Managed colocation
Email and spam
And so much more!

When you partner with Pumex for your managed IT support services demands, IT becomes an incredible advantage—rather than a liability—for the smooth-flowing operations of your organization. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable IT experts. We are here to help your business succeed!

More about Pumex outsourced IT services

State-of-the-art managed IT solutions services

Pumex specializes in helping businesses of all sizes by providing a full range of professional IT support services customized to your organization’s specific needs and goals. Our experts discuss the limitations of legacy data center infrastructure and how cloud economics can benefit your business.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business IT systems and software tools, identifying major areas of concern, potential issues that may be slowing down or even crippling the productivity of your enterprise. Pumex then puts together a resolution plan which prioritizes these issues by priority.

Once they are resolved, Pumex focuses on the long-term state of your IT infrastructure with your in-house team to maximize your business’s efficiency and performance.

Our mission is to help businesses boost productivity by minimizing downtime. Pumex can do just that with a comprehensive suite of managed IT solutions and cybersecurity services—from data center management to network support services.

Our any available managed IT support services include:

Cloud Solutions and Migration

At Pumex, we provide customized cloud solutions to help businesses reduce hardware and software costs while simultaneously improving data security. With simple and secure cloud managed services, we help companies achieve greater flexibility, increased cost savings, and improved availability of critical business information—all of which translates into greater profitability and operational productivity.

We also offer AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud migration and management services.

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Pumex offers comprehensive, managed cybersecurity services to help companies gain visibility into their IT infrastructure and more effectively monitor potential threats and vulnerabilities in real time. Through our customized IT support services, we offer full network monitoring capabilities for your organization’s entire IT infrastructure and proactively detect any potential security issues—thereby helping you prevent disruptions before they occur.

Our team of cybersecurity experts will even help you prevent phishing, spyware, DDoS attacks, and more.

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Infrastructure Management & Virtualization

Pumex provides your business with customized infrastructure management and virtualization services to maximize your enterprise's efficiency, performance, and availability. We offer an extensive portfolio of managed IT support services to help your business operate more securely and cost-effectively.

Meanwhile, we significantly minimize downtime, resolve issues quickly, and increase overall systems performance dramatically.

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Infrastructure Architecture Design & Services

Pumex designs and implements specially-tailored IT infrastructures to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our designers are experts in all aspects of a business’s critical IT infrastructure, from an array of cloud managed services to skillfully managed colocation services that meet your organization’s space, power, cooling, security, and network connectivity requirements.

Our personalized approach ensures that you receive custom solutions specific to your current and future requirements, helping you achieve your goals in cost-effectiveness, security, scalability, availability, and performance.

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VoIP & Communications

Pumex offers comprehensive managed services for your business’s voice, video, and data communications systems. With Pumex as your premier provider of managed IT support solutions and services, we ensure that the reliability and performance of VoIP and other networked technologies are maximized—thereby helping you reduce costs and bolster customer satisfaction levels.

In-house staff can make calls directly from their computers, and we can even implement customized VoIP technology that converts voice into a digital signal for any platform.

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IoT Engineering and Management

Pumex’s IoT managed services help you integrate the Internet of Things into your business processes and operations. At Pumex, we work to reduce the time needed for the design, implementation, and support of IoT technology—thereby delivering greater operational efficiency and increased revenue opportunities in less time and with minimal upfront investment.

We also create smart technology that collects and transfers important data without requiring human interaction. With IoT, the possibilities are endless.

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IT Project Management

Pumex offers enterprise-level IT project management services to businesses in need of assistance with a single project or ongoing support. Through our premium IT support services, we assist your in-house team with all stages of the IT development lifecycle—from initial concept formation to system maintenance and management.

Your dedicated account manager will identify inefficiencies in your current strategies and design an innovative solution tailored specifically for your organization’s needs and demands. We also provide 24/7 availability for our managed IT solutions and services to ensure that everything runs smoothly, even during unexpected periods of high traffic.

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IT Operations & Business Management

Pumex offers managed IT support solutions that help your in-house staff overcome technology hurdles to keep your operations running glitch-free. With Pumex’s 24/7 managed IT support services, we reduce the frequency of costly downtime and improve overall system performance dramatically.

We also maintain a high level of flexibility in our managed IT support model—allowing us to quickly scale up or down as needed. At Pumex, we firmly believe that optimized business operations and management are essential to the long-term success and profitability of any organization.

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More about Pumex outsourced IT services

Why choose Pumex for your managed IT support services?

Change does not need to be stressful and difficult. At Pumex, we help companies identify and define the architecture, network security, cloud-based, and on-premises solutions that best suit their business model. We conduct comprehensive audits of the current IT environment to ensure maximum performance and efficiency of all hardware resources.

We design a long-term support strategy to meet current and future infrastructure requirements. And our professionally managed IT solutions and services team prevents costly downtime and resolves issues quickly. At Pumex, we are committed to the continued success and profitability of your enterprise.

The Pumex Commitment and Guarantee
24x7 support
Free 30 days support
95% on-time delivery
Flexible and agile
Rapid response, quick resolution
100% transparency and integrity

With our remote monitoring and management services, Pumex will ensure that your business runs smoothly and cost-effectively without the stress and headaches. Our managed IT solutions are top-of-the-line—but they don’t cost a premium expense. For more information on our managed IT support services