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We specialize in comprehensive technical staffing solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Our services include permanent direct hires across all engineering levels up to senior management, temp-to-hire options, and staff augmentation for team expansions. We also offer project-based staffing, providing teams of engineers for specialized, expert-level roles. Leveraging our extensive and diverse network of engineering talent, we excel in headhunting exclusive candidates who are not actively on the market, ensuring that our clients gain access to top-tier professionals ready to drive innovation and growth. Let us connect you with the expertise your projects demand.

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Comprehensive Staffing

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Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every facet of our staffing process, ensuring quality and efficiency from initial job analysis to final candidate placement. We start with a comprehensive analysis of each job opening, thoroughly understanding the specific technical and cultural demands of the role. This dual focus helps us align our search efforts with the unique aspects of your organization, ensuring a seamless fit both technically and culturally.

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Staffing Services

We specialize in technical staffing solutions tailored to meet your dynamic needs. With over 40 years of combined experience drawn from our technical recruiters’ rich career histories, we offer a comprehensive suite of staffing services designed to enhance your team’s capabilities and drive your projects forward.

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Cost Effective

Utilizing Pumex Computing’s advanced staffing services provides significant benefits in cost efficiency and technical hiring precision, often unachievable through internal processes. Our expertise in technical fields allows us to quickly identify and attract top talent, avoiding long timelines and high costs. Our refined sourcing strategies ensure candidates meet both technical and cultural requirements, reducing the financial burden of lengthy hiring cycles and high turnover rates, enabling swift integration of expert professionals to maintain productivity and drive innovation.

Our dedication to exemplary customer service is evident in our candidate selection process. We pride ourselves on the quality of our candidates, accessed through an exclusive network of highly competent professionals often overlooked in the conventional job market. Our thorough interview process includes multiple personal interactions and AI-enhanced technical assessments, ensuring only the most suitable candidates are presented to clients, increasing the likelihood of successful placements.

Our rigorous selection technique forges enduring client relationships by consistently meeting and surpassing expectations. Investing in our services streamlines the recruitment process and enhances the workforce with top-tier talent, safeguarding new hire investments and strengthening the organization’s ability to lead and innovate, supporting sustained growth and success.

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Pumex is dedicated to getting the job done right, the first time. This commitment to excellence is evidenced by a 95%
on-time, in budget, and at or above quality expectations track record.

Meet Our Staffing Team

Christopher Scirpoli

Christopher is a seasoned IT staffing expert with over 15 years of experience in helping businesses find and hire the top talent they need to succeed in the digital age. He is passionate about helping his clients achieve their business goals through innovative IT solutions.

Christopher is the founder of Pumex, a leading IT staffing and services company. Pumex has a proven track record of success in helping businesses of all sizes find and hire the right IT talent. Christopher and his team of experts work closely with their clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, and then develop custom staffing solutions that meet those needs.

Pedro Rodriguez

Pedro is a seasoned Senior Technical Recruitment Leader with a 15-year plus track record specializing in advanced technical recruiting for financial services, healthcare, and startup tech companies. At the helm of Pumex Computing’s technical staffing division, Pedro employs his extensive expertise to identify and foster elite IT and engineering talent. His client-focused approach is dedicated to comprehending and addressing the complex requirements of customers.

He is adept at crafting innovative recruitment strategies and deploying digital solutions that position him to attract and place top-tier talent in a fast-paced market. Pedro excels in providing engaging experiences for candidates and sustaining strong talent networks, ensuring that he consistently delivers the precise talent necessary to meet the distinct challenges of his clients. His commitment to excellence and forward-thinking in the realm of recruiting establishes Pedro as a dependable ally to clients in search of outstanding technical experts.

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