Inteleos IT Staff Augmentation Case Study

Inteleos Staffing

About Inteleos

Inteleos is a global not for profit community which serves over 123,000 medical professionals. Inteleos is committed to assuring that patients obtain the highest quality of healthcare through their certification of health care providers. An Inteleos certification is a commitment from healthcare providers that they practice the highest standards of car. Inteleos is the managing body for the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS), the Alliance for Physician Certification & Advancement (ACPA), and the Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certification Academy. While the Inteleos Foundation oversees all philanthropic efforts.

Executive Summary

Pumex had reached out to Inteleos through an outbound marketing effort, which prompted the CIO to look into our company. He saw that we worked with many well-known organizations and even some analogous organizations in parallel industries. Based on his research, the CIO reached back out and Pumex ended up partnering on several internal initiatives with Inteleos, including leveraging our IT staff augmentation services.


Inteleos found themselves in a position where because of a re-organization, the development support team had been moved to other projects. This caused technical debt and backlogged issues to pile up and internal SLAs to increase significantly. The CIO required a solution which would allow the organization to quickly ramp up capacity to complete backlogged and upcoming development work.

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Pumex leveraged its staffing services and beyond year one hiring processes to quickly find developers, QA testers, and business analysts in a very short period. Within weeks Pumex was able to staff up the organization and get the resources up to speed on projects and support.

Immediate Results

After a considerable period of time, Inteleos was finally able to meet their SLAs on Time To First Response to Time To Resolution.

Internal customer satisfaction has increased from an average of 3 stars to a full 5 stars.

Inteleos saw a 27% increase in their applications passing coding standards during the last quarter.

Applications being set up in a UAT environment and QA tested increased to 71%.

Future Plans and Long-Term Results

Pumex has become a trusted partner of Inteleos and is helping them in multiple areas, from Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics support to Business Process Improvement consulting. Pumex is delivering on quality solutions which are helping the organization to become more efficient and effective.