What to Look For In a Mobile Development Company

In 2018 mobile isn’t a choice anymore – it’s a necessity. Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic in 2018 with 70% of all traffic came from mobile and 8% coming from tablets. Mobile traffic is only going to continue to grow and has established itself as the main type of web traffic.

Most businesses don’t have the resources in-house to develop a quality mobile app and need to procure an outsourced development team. Taking time in the beginning when deciding on a development company will save you a ton of time and money down the road. Because mobile is continuing to grow and become the most dominant channel of web traffic there are more development companies than ever. We put together some main attributes you should look for when deciding on a development company to build your mobile app



Asking to see a mobile developments company’s portfolio is extremely important. This is the company’s proof, and assurance that they can put their skills where their mouths are. Seeing their past work also gives you an opportunity to reach out to the companies and see exactly how the process went, and if they would recommend using them again for a project. Looking at a team’s portfolio also allows for you to look at other work they’ve done that aligns similarly to what you’re trying to create. You can ask questions such as; what was the length, did you have any unforeseen challenges, and how did you overcome them?


When looking to develop a mobile app you don’t want to skimp out on price. You also don’t want to overpay. Mobile development projects can range anywhere from 10’s of thousands to 100’s of thousands of dollars. Look for a development team that can work with your budget. The bigger development companies charge more due to having larger overhead. Use the development teams portfolio to get a sense of the clients that they have worked with. If their past clients are like you then chances are they’ll align within your budget.


Communication is key – period. This is no exception when deciding to develop a mobile app. There are different development methodologies that vary in the amount of communication between the development team and the customer. Before discussing anything, think about how much involvement you want to have throughout the development process. If you want to have little to no involvement during the process, think about using a waterfall development methodology. If you’re looking for more transparency and want to be informed every step of the way – an agile development methodology is the approach to take. Regardless of how much or little you want to be involved in the process, be sure to make it clear with the development team. This will allow them to develop the right development process that will best align with your needs.


We discussed in our blog post, “5 things to Consider When Developing a Mobile App” how important it is to consistently update your Mobile App. Once your app is developed you’re going to need to perform regular upkeep to make sure your app is keeping up with new trends in mobile apps and therefore an enhanced user experience. Just like your business, your mobile app should always be evolving and growing. Discuss a maintenance plan with the development team. Be sure to incorporate this into your agreement before choosing a development team to work with. Maintenance and upkeep are almost as important as the initial build of your mobile app.


You found a company that aligns with your budget. They created the perfect development process and incorporated a great maintenance plan for after the build. Your app is done – how’re you going to release it? The process to launch your app to the public can vary in length depending on the platforms you choose to make the app available on, such as Apple, Google, or even a Progressive Web App. Regardless, this is an extremely important process and working with a development company that can guide you through the process is extremely important. Talk with the development team about their experience with pushing mobile apps to market, and how they can help you with yours.


A simple google search with show you just how many mobile app development companies there are to choose from. Make sure you cover all the steps before deciding on a development company to work with. At Pumex Computing we work with you to design a mobile app that will work for your business. If you are trying to take your business mobile contact us! http://www.pumex.com/contactus