What’s The Hype About Progressive Web Apps

You’ve probably heard the term progressive web app thrown around a handful of times in the mobile app world. Some are saying that they’ll replace traditional native apps in the future and become the most common way to enjoy your favorite applications. If you’re unfamiliar with progressive web apps, we have all the information you need to understand exactly why they’re becoming so popular.

Seamless Integration

A progressive web app (PWA) simply put is a browser-based application that looks, feels, and behaves identically to a native mobile app. When developing a PWA the main goal is to create a seamless application that the user won’t be able to tell the difference between their browser and a native app. This leads to the question, why would a company want to gravitate towards progressive web apps instead of developing a native app?



Progressive Web Apps perform the same functions on newer phones as an older phone. PWAs adapt to any type of web browser making them extremely accessible for any user. Most native apps require specific phone updates to access. Though some features might not be available, the PWA will still be fully accessible for anyone with a web browser.


Streamlined Launch

Progressive Web Apps bypass the app stores. Because PWA’s are websites; this allows you to streamline a launch to the public without having to go deal with the numerous restrictions or go through the long approval process to be hosted on Android’s or Apple’s app store.


Faster Development

Progress Web Apps are faster to build and update. PWAs are a single product which adapts to the browser on the device. This saves time when developing, and updating. Once the application is developed it’s easier to manage and update because it is a single code base rather than having to manage multiple versions of a native application.



Progressive Web Apps are extremely shareable. Instead of users having to go through the installation process of the app store, PWAs can be shared between users with a simple URL. Since they’re so easy to access and be shared, PWAs are easier to get first-time users by avoiding the app store process. Additionally, when a user visits your website on your mobile browser, they can be prompted to directly download your PWA directly to their phone’s home screen.



It’s easy to see why Progressive Web Apps are growing in popularity. The number of benefits in favor of building a PWA can be overwhelming; in a good way. Rather you want an app that is more accessible or need an app that can go to market ASAP, PWAs can make it happen.


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