AFTA Marketing Automation Case Study

Marketing Automation Research

About AFTA

Americans for the Arts (AFTA) serves over 6,000 professionals who represent over 1,500 nonprofits and for-profits, artists, students, government agencies, consultants, and exhibits. Their members work with visual and performing arts, policymakers, adults and children, and the business community.

Executive Summary

AFTA contracted us to provide an alternate solution to their legacy marketing automation platform, Higher Logic. AFTA stated over a dozen serious issues with Higher Logic and tasked us to explore a wide range of alternatives to better align with their organization


The AFTA marketing team has tasked us with addressing a range of persistent concerns within our organization. These challenges encompass rising costs that have been impacting our budgetary constraints, along with the need for improved customer support to enhance the overall customer experience. Additionally, the outdated user interface and design restrictions have hindered our ability to stay competitive and visually engaging. We're also looking to overcome limitations in tracking capabilities, boost our analytics reporting, and implement audience segmentation by category to refine our targeting. Lastly, addressing subscribe and unsubscribe functionality issues is crucial for streamlining our communication channels and ensuring a seamless user experience. Tackling these issues is a top priority as we aim to enhance our marketing strategies and overall efficiency.

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Our evaluation encompassed 18 email platforms and involved a multifaceted approach. We scrutinized customer reviews, engaged with tutorials, attended system demonstrations and webinars, conversed with technical support teams of each platform, reviewed technical documentation, and rigorously tested the features within the email platforms. This comprehensive assessment provided us with the insights necessary to make informed decisions regarding our email platform selection.

Long-Term Goals & Projected Results

We evaluated 18 email platforms by reviewing capabilities listed on the platform websites, scheduled demos with sales agents, conducted calls with technical staff members, and reviewed technical documentation. Of the 18 email platforms, 14 did not meet the requirements listed in the client discovery due to their limited capabilities, UTM tracking limitations, poor API integration functionality, excessive cost, limited customer service, ease of use, and scalability. Pumex provided AFTA with a written report detailing the automation platforms that met their specific requirements.