National Investment Center for Senior Housing & Care

Salesforce Communities Development

About the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC)

The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) is a nonprofit whose mission is to support access and choice for America’s seniors by providing data, analytics, and connections that bring together investors and providers. NIC’s events provide networking opportunities between capital seekers and capital providers, as well as other personnel within the senior housing and care ecosystem, allowing attendees to get a pulse on the industry, facilitate networking, and enable industry collaboration.

Executive Summary

Pumex engaged NIC as a Salesforce partner to provide them with additional functionality for their members within their Communities instance. This would enhance the user experience of their members and provide NIC with a single source of data to analyze its member behavior on Salesforce Communities.

Pumex’s affiliate company, Absyz has been a Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2011. We rapidly emerged as a key strategic partner for digital transformation projects in the Salesforce ecosystem.


Typically, NIC hosts events that provide an efficient platform for connections and the sharing of ideas. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic where in person events are discouraged, NIC switched to Salesforce Communities to deliver virtual connections and networking experience.

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Our solution centers around our agile SDLC approach. We have prioritized the new features that will be implemented into four phases. Phase 1: attendee list, subscriber badges, and personalized subscriber list. Phase 2: collaboration and payment processing. Phase 3: profile and directory management. Phase 4: access management, help/support portal, and UI/UX design.

Current and Future Results

Phase 1 is complete

Badges will become a motivation for the subscriber to use the site. The subscriber list allows the user to network in a personalized fashion.

Future Phase 2 completion

Collaboration is extremely critical for digital version of networking and communication. This combined with payment processing will help to provide a more seamless user experience and help increase revenue for NIC.

Future Phase 3 completion

Profile management will enable users to modify or update their details and give them the control to manage their identity on the portal. The directory will enable users to select, view, and compare subscribers and the opportunity to create important lists and categories of the community members.

Future Phase 4 completion

This will create ease-of-access, support for user issues, and an elegant website design.

Future Goals

Phase 1 is now in production meeting deliver, budget, and quality metrics, and we are moving on to phase 2. The future goal is to make this a paid solution for sharing ideas and communicating amongst members.