Burgess Group IT Staff Augmentation Case Study

The Burgess Group

About The Burgess Group

The Burgess Group (TBG) is an innovator in the health care field which developed a platform to natively bring together claim payment automation and business intelligence. Their platform gives payers with Medicare, Medicaid, and other commercial business lines the ability to build better relationships with the providers, reduce waste and improve the provider financial performance.

Executive Summary

TBG engaged with Pumex to help across several areas of need including providing staff augmentation and direct placement resources. TBG was engaged in a large push to develop the next generation of its claims automation platform and found themselves in need of highly skilled IT resources to get the system to the next level.

TBG was facing significant delays in their process due to the lack of highly skilled technical talent being brought to the table by their other vendors.


The next generation platform TBG was building required significant experience around architecting databases and DB Schema’s which could allow for seamless business intelligence integration into the solution. The current development team just didn’t have the background or capability to properly architect and develop the database to achieve the desired system requirements.

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Pumex met with the development team leadership from TBG and leveraged our best technical fit process to weed through over 50 candidates internally. This process allows the Pumex team to be agile in our approach to hiring, where we ensure that the candidates are properly vetted for the position requirements. This included helping TBG to sell the candidates on the technical challenges they would face, the technical growth opportunities provided, and perform a cultural fit analysis on the candidates.

Immediate Results


Within three weeks Pumex had identified two candidates that were well qualified for the positions and were immediately hired by TBG

Candidate Success

Both candidates were immediately successful at their respective positions, providing sorely needed technical expertise to the project.

Additional Placements

With the success of this effort, TBG turned around and asked for additional help with other positions they had open.

Excellent Feedback

Pumex received very positive feedback from the client on every position placed.

Long Term Results

The technical positions which Pumex provided to Burgess all had multi-year engagements and played a significant role in achieving the project technical requirements, meeting project timelines, and getting the solution into production for their clients.