Federal Government IT Solutions

Pumex specializes in federal government IT solutions to help agencies deliver superior services to the public, hire better employees, and fulfill their mission with excellence.

Our focus is on providing agencies what they really need in an efficient, verifiable way to save costs, increase productivity, and serve their constituents with pride. For agencies in need of federal IT solutions customized to fit your specific objectives

Why choose Pumex for federal IT consulting?

Enterprise-level federal government IT solutions

Modernize your agency’s network infrastructure and applications to reinforce your mission. At Pumex, we meet the exacting needs of government IT projects. Our expert team of federal IT consultants has extensive experience with cutting-edge technologies and uses agile development practices to produce robust solutions built for speed, performance, and security.

We provide reliable federal IT consulting services—including the people, processes, skills, and tools necessary to help your agency develop a flexible network that scales up to meet future demands quickly and easily.

Our cyber security solutions deliver continuous monitoring of your agency’s networks for maximal protection against potential security breaches. We also create detailed system-level diagrams of existing systems to identify possible components that are non-compliant with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

But that’s not all!

Pumex federal technology solutions also provide the following benefits:

Pumex will manage your legacy infrastructure and applications migration to a more modern, cloud-based solution.

Pumex ensures that your agency is maintaining 100% compliance with Government-specific rules and regulations.

Pumex helps organizations reduce data center costs by consolidating servers into a private or Government public cloud while still providing full access to applications via virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Pumex will manage your agency’s entire networking environment using enterprise routing, switching, and wireless deployment utilizing virtual local area network (VLAN) technology.

Pumex provides federal government IT solutions with bandwidth aggregation across multiple switches and automatic failover for VLAN configurations.

Pumex delivers the flexibility necessary to mitigate potential downtime while providing the peace of mind that is essential in today’s network environments.

Pumex integrates and manages multiple vendors’ networking equipment, connecting data within your private cloud environment for maximal security.

Pumex is your global leader in federal IT consulting —providing superior services and solutions to agencies of all sizes, specializations, and industries. We are fully committed to meeting your organization’s needs and delivering analytics-driven software development for a highly competitive price. For more information on our federal IT solutions and services, contact Pumex today.

More about Pumex federal government IT solutions

Federal IT solutions that produce
immediate results

For federal IT consulting services that provide immediate and meaningful results, turn to Pumex. Our experienced team has knowledge and expertise for delivering fast implementations of technology solutions with low overhead costs, maximum efficiency, and proven results. We develop and implement fast, innovative solutions to meet your agency’s immediate needs by providing the following services:

Agile Application Development

Pumex’s DNA is rooted in our agile processes. We utilize repeatable success processes leveraging CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001:2015, ITIL, PMBOK, and other frameworks to ensure delivery on-time, on-budget, and of the highest quality standards.

Besides our expertise in Agile application development, we also offer enterprise-level services in cloud computing, implementation management, system administration, infrastructure architecture and design, operations management, integration consulting, security consulting services—and so much more!

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DevOps and IV&V

DevOps and IV&V are integral to the processes Pumex follows to ensure quality, maximize efficiency, and reduce costs. Our DevOps specialty services include code reviews, CI/CD tools, quality assurance reporting, application monitoring and management, change management planning, continuous deployment, and so much more.

Meanwhile, our IV&V services offer fresh insights into—and improve the security of—your new or existing systems. At Pumex, our federal IT consultants provide comprehensive services and custom software applications that are highly scalable, built for speed, designed for performance, and secure from the ground up.

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Pumex offers a full suite of cybersecurity services explicitly designed to meet federal standards and compliance requirements for highly sensitive data. We provide our clients with the most effective tools and strategies available in today’s market, including network vulnerability scans (internal & external), penetration testing (internal & external), and social engineering testing/prevention.

At Pumex, we align our cybersecurity best practices to meet and exceed all federal standards, including FISMA, Far 52.204-21, DFARS 252.204-7012, NIST 800-171, FedRAMP, and CMMC. Our federal IT consultants also ensure your agency's maximum.
protection of CUI in non-classified systems all the way up to DoD and IC.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The tremendous growth in government cloud solutions is transforming the industry at record speeds, and Pumex is an expert in leveraging these new technologies. Our federal IT consulting team integrates advanced techniques into our design, implementation, and management services for your IaaS environment to deliver superior functionality, security, and flexibility.

Pumex’s customized IaaS environments offer enterprise-grade servers, networking equipment, storage arrays, and other infrastructure components as a cloud service, as well. With Pumex as your federal IT solutions partner, your agency will dramatically improve services, cut costs, and reduce IT complexity overall.

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Government Cloud Solutions

Pumex is a globally trusted industry expert in government cloud solutions. Our federal IT solutions include a full suite of consulting and software development services, including cloud strategy planning, cloud migration management, cybersecurity and risk mitigation strategies, data center consolidation (virtualization), and so much more.

Pumex also provides administration and management services for various on-premises and cloud-based environments, including AWS GovCloud, Google Cloud for Government, and Azure Government Cloud. Pumex’s federal government IT solutions provide the cloud expertise your agency demands to ensure the highest levels of security, operational performance, and cost-efficiency.

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More about Pumex federal government IT solutions

Why choose Pumex for your federal IT consulting team?

Pumex is well-known throughout the industry for our custom solutions, expert engineering staff, and top-notch customer service. Our state-of-the-art solutions give our clients a competitive financial advantage by taking cost-cutting technologies and incorporating them into your agency’s unique environment to provide exceptional Return on Investment.

The Pumex Commitment and Guarantee
24x7 support
Free 30 days support
95% on-time delivery
Flexible and agile
Rapid response, quick
100% transparency and

Through our remote monitoring and management services, Pumex ensures that your business runs smoothly and cost-effectively. Our Federal development team is top-notch and always ready to help take your business to the next level. For more information on our expert Agile developer and consultancy services