Business Intelligence service and IT solutions

Pumex specializes in Business Intelligence services or BI-helping companies implement technologies and strategies for analyzing current and historical data. By partnering with Pumex, your organization experiences dramatic improvements in strategic decision-making while gaining a significant competitive advantage.
For Bl consultation services in the areas of DevOps, DevSec Ops, Testing & Quality Assurance, Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Al, Infrastructure Architecture Design, and more.
Why choose Pumex for Business Intelligence services?

Best-in-class Business Intelligence consultant

Choosing the perfect combination of Business Intelligence solutions is often a challenging task. At Pumex, we help organizations find the right BI technologies based on their unique demands and objectives. With professional and reliable Business Intelligence services by Pumex, your company benefits from a streamlined decision-making process that is both faster and more accurate.
Our expert Bl consultants utilize the most advanced critical analysis methodologies combined with a powerful suite of Bl tools to simplify the entire adoption process. We also provide training and support services to ensure that your in-house team is optimally successful.
Pumex’s unique approach to analyzing current and historical data allows us to uncover difficult-to-find behavioral patterns, identify areas of opportunity, and better predict future outcomes. We provide your organization with “The Bigger Picture” of where you are, where you want to be, and how best to get there.

But that's not all!

Pumex helps companies by providing additional Business Intelligence services and IT solutions that include:
Big Data visualization solutions
Qlikview and Qliksense solutions
Data analytics
Machine Learning technologies
Artificial Intelligence, or Al
Data migration and transformation services
SQL server reporting expertise
Statistical analysis
Data mining solutions
Data Warehousing
Cloud Computing technologies
Business Intelligence tools/software selection
IT strategy consulting for BI projects
Data management infrastructure
Predictive analytics
Ad hoc analysis
Online analytical processing (OLAP)
Operational Intelligence (Ol)
Software-as-a-Service BI
Open-source BI solutions
Mobile BI solutions
Embedded BI technologies
Collaborative BI services
Location Intelligence (LI) solutions
Real-time BI applications
Low-code and no-code Bl development
Hadoop implementation and integration services
ETL data integration services
Data management optimization
Tableau Business Intelligence solutions
Informatica consulting and implementation
And so much more!
At Pumex, we work with organizations of all sizes, industries, and business sectors to take the stress and uncertainty out of the Bl transformation process. Our Business Intelligence services and IT solutions help our clients increase organizational visibility, grow revenue, reduce costs, and innovate faster while minimizing risk. For more information on our most advanced BI solutions and strategies, contact Pumex today.
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Business Intelligence services that are simply unmatched

Business Intelligence services that are simply unmatched From DevOps and DevSecOps services to Quality Assurance testing, Data Analytics strategies, Machine Learning & Al implementation, and IT infrastructure architecture design services, Pumex is the leading Business Intelligence consultant for companies large and small. Our mission is clear: to provide expert analysis of raw data by implementing tailor-made Bl solutions to provide valuable insights for increased business performance and enhanced decision-making.

Ad Hoc Analysis

Ad hoc analysis, also known as ad hoc querying, is a business intelligence solution that involves generating reports for one-time use and created for a specific purpose or business need. While end users typically generate most ad hoc queries on the fly, they also tend to repeat the same queries over and over on a regular basis.

Pumex Business Intelligence consultants create ad hoc analysis solutions that are user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and results-oriented while easily accessible via state-of-the-art dashboards and various report-generating functionalities. Ad hoc querying is one of the foundational elements of modern Bl applications and a key feature of self-service Bl solutions.

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Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

At Pumex, our business intelligence services also include a wide range of expertise in Online Analytical Processing. OLAP is one of the earliest Bl technologies generally most useful for answering multi-dimensional analytical (MDA) queries quickly.

Typical MDA queries include sales revenue by region or dates, product margins by supplier, and customer satisfaction ratings by demographic group. We also excel in the utilization of OLAP cubes - multidimensional databases optimized for storing and manipulating this type of data for fast retrieval on demand. OLAP cubes allow users to slice and dice the data to spot new trends modeled from historical data and predict future outcomes.

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Real-time BI

At Pumex, we're experts in creating real-time Bl applications that give end users an up-to-date view of business operations, financial markets, customer behaviors, and other administrative insights. Our real-time analytics processes often involve streaming data to facilitate quicker and more accurate decision-making processes, such as credit scoring or fraud detection.

Our Business Intelligence consultants will also design real-time Bl applications that feed into other analytical systems - like targeted promotional campaigns for enterprises wanting to attract their customers' attention in a specific way. With real-time Bl solutions from Pumex, marketing becomes so much easier!

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Data Analytics

Pumex is a Big Data and Analytics specialist. We have a long track record of success in completing hundreds of data analytics projects for businesses of all sizes and industries. Previous projects include complex modeling, cleaning data, normalizing data schemas, and performing analytics on non-structured Big Data sources, such as text documents, images, and videos.

Not only do we design the right Business Intelligence solutions to solve your unique problem scenarios, but we also provide actionable insights to enhance and expedite your decision-making processes.

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Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies help businesses improve productivity and profitability in many ways. At Pumex, we develop ML systems that ingest raw data-both past and present, from the Internet of Things (IoT), analyze it in real time, and make predictions about future behaviors almost instantaneously.

Not only do we design the right Business Intelligence solutions to solve your unique problem scenarios, but we also provide actionable insights to enhance and expedite your decision-making processes.

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Mobile BI

At Pumex, our Business Intelligence consultants are experts in designing, building, and deploying Bl applications and dashboards for effective functionality on mobile-friendly smartphones and tablets. Since these tools and devices are most useful in reviewing data rather than analyzing it, our goal is to design Mobile Bl solutions that are maximally user-friendly on these smaller screens.

For example, mobile dashboards may only display two or three data visualizations and KPIs at a time. Meanwhile, company managers can monitor business activities and customer analytics right from their phones or tablets while accessing cloud-based databases or on-premises data stored on SQL Servers.

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Why choose Pumex for your Business Intelligence solutions?

Pumex’s Business Intelligence services and IT solutions help companies improve data management across the entire organization through Data Analytics, Machine Learning & Al, Testing & Quality Assurance, DevOps, and other Bl solutions.
With years of experience as a leading Business Intelligence consultant, our team of experts provides cost-effective solutions that meet your organization’s company-specific needs by leveraging Bl transformation methodologies and our technological expertise.
The Pumex Commitment and Guarantee
24x7 support
Free 30 days support
95% on-time delivery
Flexible and agile
Rapid response, quick resolution
100% transparency and integrity
State-of-the-art cybersecurity
Our revolutionary approach to Bl adoption and management helps forward-thinking companies better understand performance metrics and make more informed decisions faster and with increased accuracy. We also help companies design highly scalable IT architectures that handle large volumes of data for faster insight generation. The primary aim of our Business Intelligence consultant services is to deliver maximum ROI within a shortened timeframe, so that you get the most out of your IT investments. For more information on our expert Business Intelligence services, contact Pumex today.